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WEWIN 2018 Workshop Proposals

The 2018 Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations (WEWIN) board members are seeking proposals for educational workshops and speakers. Priority will be given to proposals that are informative and relevant and informed by best practices, cover current and emerging issues, or detail challenges facing Native American Women's throughout Indian Country. Workshops and Speaker proposals should also advance WEWIN's efforts to provide for learner engagement (e.g., demonstrative application) of the subject matter. In particular, WEWIN is eager to receive proposals that:
  • Build upon the conference theme
  • Build within one of the four conference workshops tracks
  • Feature a diverse array of presenters
  • Deliver best practices using approaches for different types of learners " Are based on or supported by research
  • Contain new ideas
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion

How to Submit a Proposal:
Include all required information.  Incomplete proposal submissions will not be reviewed.
Select a specific workshop track of interest:
2018 WEWIN Proposal Specific Track Selection:
Background:  Conference Theme
“Warrior Women:  Her Power to Ignite – Engage, Inspire, Empower”
Keeping in mind the mission of WEWIN, the annual conference offers the stage for presenters to strengthen and sustain tribal cultures for the benefit and destiny of the children; to educate about tribal cultures, the history of native people, the inherent rights we exercise for the good of our people and others, and of current issues that affect our well-being; to promote honest dignified tribal leadership who reflect pride for those we represent; to support and encourage tribal leadership; to install a balance between service and solitude and between fulfilling responsibilities and devotion to loved ones, and to express encouragement, understanding, and joy to others dedicated to following the guidance of our creator and serving our communities as role models.  This year’s conference will focus on sharing best practices and stories of success. We will be highlighting four tracks which assist in furthering discussions igniting the power of our Warrior Women to engage, inspire and empower others.
  1. Leadership Traits - Awakening the Warrior Women within, the aim of this track is to empower both the potentials of becoming a leader, what it means to be in leadership.  Subjects in this track include: How to de-escalate disruption in your community, activism, taking a look, the current political environment impacting our Native women and communities, locally and nationally, all aspects of becoming a viable candidate and being a Warrior Woman leader.
  2. Social and Economic Issues and their Impacts - This track will look at the social atmosphere and issues impacting our Indian county communities.  Suggested topics include sexual harassment in the workplace, violence against women, human trafficking, verbal assault. Entrepreneurship, and economic viability and advancing your professional careers, exploring your future potentials.
  3. Native Youth – Our Next Generation of Warrior Women - This track will focus on our next generation of Warrior Women, our Native Youth.  Subjects should include, suicide awareness and prevention, understanding today's language barriers - generational communication, bullying, drugs and alcohol, confidence and self-respect.
  4. Cultural Awareness - This track will focus on our cultural environment, and it impacts. Subjects include exploring our societies - matrilineal or patrilineal, keeping the balance between sexes and learning to be a Warrior Woman teaching love and compassion.
  ​​​​​​We are requesting the curriculum and criteria to be substantive of Native American Women’s issues in Indian Country. We strive to maintain the integrity, and creditability of the training offered and, therefore do not want the seminar to be a product/service promotion.

As you know, WEWIN is a non-profit organization and is unable to pay an honorarium, per diem, accommodations, travel, or speaking fees.

Registration and fee payment is required for all conference workshop session panelists.  

The registration rate is $350.00.

If you have questions, please e-mail contact@wewin04.org.  We look forward to receiving your submission.

  • Deadline for all submissions:   May 01, 2018 (Applicants will be notified March 15, 2018)
  • If included, deadline for final PowerPoint/Papers:   July 13, 2018
  • Dates of Workshops:  July 29 - August 01, 2018

General Information:
  • You can expect your session to run concurrent to as many as four (4) other sessions.
  • Workshop sessions do not require a separate registration and are open to all registered conference attendees.
  • The WEWIN audience is vast. 
  • It may include tribal leadership, tribal administrators and office staff, organizational leaders, mothers, grandmothers and native youth.
  • Rooms will be set classroom style.  Projection equipment (projector and laptop) can be provided for PowerPoint/Prezi presentation, with prior approval.  Wireless internet is included.

Proposal Criteria:
  • Training/Workshops are the following formatted as follows:
  • Each workshop will be 120 minutes in duration and will be held concurrent with three (4) other workshops.
  • Workshops arranged as panels that include an introduction, presentation, and Q&A periods.
Upon submitting your proposal, a confirmation will be e-mailed to you.  If you are not in receipt of confirmation shortly after submission, please confirm via email at contact@wewin04.org or call 888.495.ZION (9466).
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